Simon – Bristol

For 20+ years my fear of flying overwhelmed every holiday I went on as an individual and family. Holly not only helped me over come my fear, she helped me enjoy going away again, which is amazing. A massive massive thank you Holly. Highly recommend.

Kerry – Bristol

I can’t recommend Holly Osborne Hypnotherapy enough. She really helped me through some tough spots mentally and physically. I learned how to relax and take time out and the importance of looking forward and not back. She helped me understand how the brain works for and against us and how to control it. Thank you, … Read more

Claire – Bristol

“Professional and lovely, I highly recommend Holly’s services. Thank you so much for your support”.

Sammie – Bristol

“Holly is so approachable and immediately put me at ease. These classes really did help me relax and have really helped with my sleep too”

Sarah – Bristol

“Holly’s played a huge part in getting me back on my feet. I cannot thank her more and would absolutely recommend her services.”