Online or Face to Face sessions to suite your needs

We can now work together online as well as face to face in my home clinic Starting from June 2024 I will now be offering session online via zoom. Working with adults and children, I am here to help you make positive changes required to achieve your goals. Together we will work in a solution-focused […]

Rewire and Rebalance

Rewire and Rebalance, are group sessions held by Rosie from  Wild Women Wellness. and myself. If you are struggling to cope with any of the below these group sessions could really help you cope and help you find better solutions to difficulties, you might be dealing with in your life. Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, low self-esteem, […]

New Course – Rekindle You

I’m so excited to be launching this course. Through my years of experience in life and working as Hypnotherapist I have put together a course that includes everything you need to know and understand to help you kickstart your journey to self improvement.  So if you are someone looking to achieve a goal, make a […]

Healing and processing your emotions naturally

Our bodies have the incredible power to heal and process emotions from past trauma – if we allow it too. You might of heard the phrase “time heals” This is true but how well we heal in that time is up to us. A simple phrase I have found more helpful is “feel it to […]

Growth and change doesn’t always feel comfortable.

Growth doesn’t always feel easy or comfortable it can feel scary and hard. I read something the other day that you may or may not be familiar with but I wanted to share. Unlike our skin lobsters have soft delicate bodies that live inside a tough hard shell. 🐚 The hard lobster shell does not […]

We have a new face in the Clinic!

Excited to share that my clinic space has a new face! My Hypnotherapy clinic now also offers another powerful type of relaxation and healing. Rosie Osborne (yes my talented sister) Qualified Holistic Therapist in Massage, Aromatherapy and Reiki. Wild Woman Wellness Offering, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki Massage. If your […]

What is important in your life?

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what is really important to you in your life? Someone said to me recently what do I wish for for my birthday this year. I didn’t think about new clothes, makeup, jewellery etc. My thoughts went straight to, a healthy, successful life and spending it with […]

Ever felt or feel like things just couldn’t get any worse?

Ever felt or feel like things just couldn’t get any worse. Just take a moment, to look at how far you’ve come despite the difficulties. Don’t fight what is out of your control – work out how you can manage them a little bit better. “What small thing can I do that will help me?” […]

Struggle with comparing yourself to others?

I celebrated my birthday last weekend which just went by way to quick. It was a super lovely weekend which I’m extremely grateful for. As some of you know I share my birthday with my dad, who passed away 8 years ago now. So birthdays for me have always been very different since.   Amongst […]

Exciting New Clinic Space

New Space From Monday 10th October all sessions will now be held in my new clinic! Horayyyy Same address just different entrance Please use driveway to side of house and door bell on the side entrance in front of you. All heated with heated bed too for that extra cosy feeling as we move towards […]

What things do you enjoy doing?

Don’t forget about those things. No matter how small they are it’s so important to keep those things in our life. It’s easy to loose site of those things that bring us true happiness. We are humans who have a brain developed to help us survive. And in busy stressful times we can sometimes get […]

Asking for help is okay!

I bet there has been many times, where deep down you know you need to make a change to something in your life, but some how you easily revert back to those old ways. I say this because I used to be this person. I knew something needed to change because of the negative impact […]

Anxiety, Stress or Burn-out taking control of your life?

Anxiety, Stress or Burn-out, are words I hear a lot. These words are feelings we can absolutely take control of. Rather than them taking control of us and our lives. If you’re reading this and have been struggling with your mental health – know that from this moment things can be improved. We just need […]

We are creatures of habit…

In life we are constantly faced with challenges and difficulties. How we cope with those various challenges and difficulties in lives has a huge impact on: ✨How we feel and how we behave How we cope becomes a learnt pattern of behaviour. E.g. If you start to deal with difficulties in our life in a […]

The Benefits of Focusing on Solutions

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a highly effective form of therapy, which is attracting clients looking for support with mental and emotional struggles as well as physical ones. There is no doubt that illnesses caused or made worse by stress are on the increase.  *Conditions such as anxiety, depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome […]

Have you been struggling with your mental health and finding the right support?

With record numbers of referrals hitting the NHS for Mental health problems. I just wanted to make you aware of my services. As more children and adults seek help for various mental health reasons, I’m determined to help as many people as I can. I work with adults and children face to face at my […]

Relaxation has so many benefits

Relaxation has so many benefits 💤 Therefore adding it into our daily or weekly routines is just priceless! This is why I have setup my own relaxation classes, to help and educate as many people as I can on how and why learning to relax and positive mindset is so important, for living a healthy […]

Want to move forward with your life? Struggling to work out the best way?

A message to anyone going through a difficult time.   It might feel like it’s never ending – but, there is something you can do to change that. A change that can help you cope better and see things in a different way. This is a skill you will be pleased to know is a […]

January Guided Relaxation courses are here!

Guided Relaxation Course including 4 sessions! So happy to say I have more thoroughly enjoyable relaxation classes available. A course of guided relaxation sessions starting in January. (4 classes) Thursday 13th January, 20th, 27th and 3rd Feb. *7pm or 8pm at St Anne’s Church Hall, Siston, Gibbs Ln, Bristol BS16 9LT *£20,00 (4 classes) Monday […]

A relaxed and positive mind is a powerful one

A positive mind can be a powerful one in all the right ways. Why? When we allow ourselves to take the time out to relax, our brain can produce the happy hormones – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. These four primary chemicals can help drive positive thoughts and emotions. Another reason why self care and […]

Guided Relaxation Course – Thursdays

Guided Relaxation Course including 4 sessions! A course of guided relaxation sessions starting on 18th November. 18th November, 25th, 2nd December and 9th. *7pm at St Anne’s Church Hall, Siston, Gibbs Ln, Bristol BS16 9LT *£20,00 (4 classes) Please message me direct to book. What to expect with guided relaxation? This guided Relaxation helps to […]

Guided Relaxation Course – Mondays

Guided Relaxation Course including 4 sessions! So happy to say I have more thoroughly enjoyed relaxation classes available. A course of guided relaxation sessions starting on 22nd November. 22nd November, 29th, 6th and 13th December *7pm at St Anne’s Church Hall, Siston, Gibbs Ln, Bristol BS16 9LT *£20,00 (4 classes) Please message me direct to […]

Hypnotherapy has shown great success being included as part of a athletes training.

“Mental focus, concentration and visualisation are critical to success in any endeavour, including sports” says health and sport performance psychologist Matthew Sacco, Phd. “Adding a mental training regimen to physical and sport specific training can greatly increase, confidence, consistency and ability.” More and more sporting professionals are looking at alternative approaches to help with training […]