“Mental focus, concentration and visualisation are critical to success in any endeavour, including sports” says health and sport performance psychologist Matthew Sacco, Phd. “Adding a mental training regimen to physical and sport specific training can greatly increase, confidence, consistency and ability.”

More and more sporting professionals are looking at alternative approaches to help with training and keeping their heads in the game. Concentrating on mindset, positivity and how they are going to tackle their next challenge.
Getting our heads in the game or similar phrase “in the zone” is very similar to the trance state that is used in hypnotherapy. Trance is natural and you will fall into trance many times a day, that might be walking the dog, driving, or watching tv. Sporting professionals are always focusing on remaining in this “in the zone” state to remain calm, to allow athlete to slow down and approach the event with ease.
Hypnotherapy has shown great success being included as part of a athletes training. As this kind of approach can help sharpen the athlete’s concentration and a reduction in stress that can allow for a more specific focus on performance. Helping them maintain the “in the zone” mentality in body and mind for longer periods of time.
Here is an interesting article that can help us understand this process in a bit more detail and how Hypnotherapy can help improve an athletes overall

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