A message to anyone going through a difficult time.
It might feel like it’s never ending – but, there is something you can do to change that. A change that can help you cope better and see things in a different way. This is a skill you will be pleased to know is a skill you already have. You just need to know where to find it again.
Feeling trapped in a bit of a vicious cycle is frustrating. You may feel like you’re constantly trying to find the answers or that motivation you need but nothing seems clear enough. Clear enough to know what the right thing is to do in that moment.
This is because when we operate from our primitive part of the brain (anxious, angry & depressive part) It cannot be innovative because it is not an intellect. It just refers to previous behavioural patterns. Which is why we can get stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle.
I help people get back into their prefrontal cortex – the intellectual part. Because when we operate from this part we are in
control, calm, confident and happy human beings. We can start to focus on finding the solutions to our problems.  Enabling us to create a new pathway forward in our lives.
If you feel like you have lost your motivation or perhaps you’re just feeling a little lost. That is a feeling that can be changed. especially if you really want it too.
Contact me via email or my contact form to see how I can help you.
In the meantime, why not give this a try.
Ask yourself;
• “If I wasn’t feeling this way, how would I like to feel?”
Next ask yourself
• “What small thing would I be doing differently now if I felt that way?”
Then – give it a go!
Whatever you came up with, just try it! Even if it’s just for day or even just an hour.
If you tried this I would love to know what you did differently with that time 🙂
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