I celebrated my birthday last weekend which just went by way to quick. It was a super lovely weekend which I’m extremely grateful for. As some of you know I share my birthday with my dad, who passed away 8 years ago now. So birthdays for me have always been very different since.
Amongst all the busyness these last 2 weeks, I’ve taken a moment to just reflect. So, wanted to share something.
I’m so so proud of all my clients. This year has been amazing. I honestly cannot describe how much joy it brings me, seeing people achieve things they first thought they couldn’t – but end up achieving with ease and confidence.
What I love amongst a lot of things In my work is how everyone is different in what they do to achieve their goals. It’s so inspiring listening and watching how each individual works around things to get to be where they want to be.
We are all different, therefore, what we need to do to achieve a certain goal could look very different to what someone else is doing.
🔐Here’s an important reminder from me.📈
Do not compare your self to anyone but yourself. Your battle is yours. Your ladder to success, is yours. What’s normal to you, is your normal, nobody else’s. 💕
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