Growth doesn’t always feel easy or comfortable it can feel scary and hard. I read something the other day that you may or may not be familiar with but I wanted to share.

Unlike our skin lobsters have soft delicate bodies that live inside a tough hard shell. 🐚

The hard lobster shell does not expand. As the lobster grows, the shell becomes tight and very uncomfortable.

The lobster, uncomfortable shredding its old shell and having no hard shell to protect itself from predators the lobster goes into hiding to seek protection. Patiently casting of that last bit of old shell. It then starts to grow a new one. This process continues throughout its life. 🦞

Looking at this from a different perspective – Feeling trapped and stressed in its old shell the lobster must shred its old one to grow and produce a new one. This process of growth and change leaves the lobster very vulnerable. Just how we might feel in stages of change/growth.

If the lobster is scared of change and chooses to live in the shell, well I guess I will stay uncomfortable and trapped.

This is a great way to look at actually stressful and uncomfortable times can also be a signs of growth. If we can handle this adversity correctly then we can push past this! ✨💫

Dr. Abraham Twerski’s response to stress and fear

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