In life we are constantly faced with challenges and difficulties.

How we cope with those various challenges and difficulties in lives has a huge impact on:

✨How we feel and how we behave

How we cope becomes a learnt pattern of behaviour. E.g. If you start to deal with difficulties in our life in a negative and angry way.

Unfortunately, next time we are faced with a similar situation, we can be encouraged to behave in that same angry, negative way. In most cases that response might not then be appropriate. 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s just how our brains work! If our survival thinks you are in danger it is going to step in and help. However because it isn’t an intellect it just refers back to previous behaviours. That’s where the phrase “stuck in a vicious cycle” comes from 🧠

We are creatures of habit! But habits are learnt behaviours… so the good news is we can changes our habits.
Change can happen when you start making small, meaningful changes. Changes that lead to others and over time – They become a habit. They come second nature, they then become you.

If you want to make a positive change for you. Know that you can, and if you set you mind to it – You will 💫🌌

I will just leave this here ✨

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