On Sunday, I spent the day in Cardiff working and supporting runners at the Half Marathon. Being there just really made me think… Every single participant was there for an incredible cause. There is no doubt about that.
So whilst I stood there in the rush of all the cheers, incredible runners, walkers, athletes in wheelchairs – all digging deep to get to the finish line. I caught onto the motivation in few of the faces, powered by love, purpose, pain and determination to name just a few of all the mixed emotions taking over them.
This for me was just so moving and powerful. To know, despite what they may be going or have gone through – they have found the motivation and strength to achieve something so rewarding. ✨💕
Running is something that is very close to my heart. But, yesterday I enjoyed the day from whole different perspective.
Just for a few moments, I separated myself from all the noise and business and looked at what was around me in a whole different and meaningful way.
Have you ever just stopped to just pause – and reflect back on all that you have around you?
As you look back, you may notice our minds process far more than we are aware of in that moment.
Perhaps you can reflect back on today or your weekend and just note down 3 things that you are grateful for? Think about what role you played in bringing those things into your life.
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