I bet there has been many times, where deep down you know you need to make a change to something in your life, but some how you easily revert back to those old ways.
I say this because I used to be this person. I knew something needed to change because of the negative impact it was having on my life and my health.
Over the years, I have learnt and understood more and more about the brain. Understanding the latest neuroscience behind how our brains work and how we can get stuck in such a negative cycle of behaving and thinking, this has meant I understand what and how we CAN change and move forward in positive and healthier way. Start to change in a way that we can start to make those decisions and changes without old negative behaviours or limiting beliefs getting in the way.
Have you felt you have been through this? Or keep going though this vicious cycle?
Maybe you’re working on this now?
Where ever you are and what ever you’re going through.
We are creatures of habits, we can easily include unhealthy or prohibiting behaviours and habits in our life. But habits can be changed for better ones.
Please don’t ever believe seeking help is a sign of weakness. (This was one of my limiting beliefs). We are all learning all the time. How did we learn when we where younger? Through experiences and information given to us.
Growing up becoming an adult doesn’t mean we should think we know everything, sometimes we don’t and there is nothing wrong with that
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