Don’t forget about those things. No matter how small they are it’s so important to keep those things in our life.
It’s easy to loose site of those things that bring us true happiness.
We are humans who have a brain developed to help us survive. And in busy stressful times we can sometimes get stuck in our survival mode. Loosing site of the joy and fun. But we need the fun and joy, we deserve the fun and joy.
Well, if you’re reading this. You have opportunity to take a moment and ask yourself. What brings you joy and happiness? What small change could you make to do more of those things?
Suppose you did make that change, what difference would it make to you?
Few things that make me happy – Spending time with my family and friends 👨‍👩‍👧
Gardening 👩‍🌾 Being by the sea 🌊
Eating delicious food 🍲
Spending time with my horse
Country Walks 🚶🏽‍♀️
Having a 🛀
Cooking 🥘
Painting 🖼
Singing 🎶
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