A positive mind can be a powerful one in all the right ways. Why?

When we allow ourselves to take the time out to relax, our brain can produce the happy hormones – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins. These four primary chemicals can help drive positive thoughts and emotions.
Another reason why self care and time out is so important, is because when we are super stressed and anxious our brain is functioning from a different part of the brain – the primitive part. This is the negative part.
In this state, the primitive part of the brain can take over. Causing our responses to come from fear, fight or flight. Living with our primitive mind can end up making us feel down, less confident, stressed and anxious.
I will talk a little more about this later on.
But if you’re feeling anxious and stressed and don’t really know why and you’re fed up of feeling this way, please do drop me a message. You will be happy to know i can help
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